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Documentary Film, All Apologies, Exposes GHB's Under-Reported Deaths and Dangers.

(PRWEB) April 25, 2011

April 22, 2011 - Boynton Beach, Florida - Following the death of her son, Julius, to the highly addictive bodybuilding/club drug GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate), Suki deJong directed and produced the film All Apologies to increase awareness of GHB, commonly known as the "date-rape" drug. All Apologies, a short (22-min.) documentary, has been re-mastered and updated to spread the word about this insidious drug.

All Apologies is a powerful film and a must see, as this silent killer of our youth has enjoyed nearly invisible popularity. DeJong's narration and her fast-paced concise editing, unforgettable images, potent and revealing interviews along with her own passion drive this film with an intensity that leaves no viewer untouched. "I don't think any parent ever sees this coming," says DeJong, "The devastation is still with me eight years later… he was my whole life."

Children, teenagers and young adults die from drug and alcohol related causes every day but in the shadows still lurks GHB, which has been all but ignored. The perfect high for drug-offended probation, it is undetectable in the body after 24 hours. This is not a drug to fool with. On September 9th, 2002 Julius became one of GHB's unsuspecting victims. His death occurred in an apartment in trendy South Beach, Miami after a night of partying. His parents lived only an hour and a half away in West Palm Beach, Florida. The film tells how DeJong's son became addicted to GHB through the bodybuilding community while attending Florida State University, how it carried over into the club scene and sent him into a downward spiral from which he never returned.

"They call it 'carpeting out' when someone on GHB is dancing happily into the night, only to collapse in a heap and 'hit the carpet' heading for a fit of vomiting, twitching and unarousable coma. GHB is a degreasing solvent (floor stripper) mixed with drain cleaner, and is a central nervous system depressant, with dangerous side effects. It is NOT a safe and fun drug as often claimed on the Internet. People have unknowingly taken GHB as a sleep aid, sexual stimulant or simply recreational drug of abuse only to find themselves in intensive care in the hospital. Or. Long term, to find themselves addicted to GHB." said Trinka Porrata, President, Project GHB. "GHB gives a rapid onset of intoxication, comparable with alcohol but with a euphoric high and out-of-body experience. It often causes vomiting and muscle jerking. While most people do sleep off a GHB overdose, some will die without medical intervention."

All Apologies has garnered four awards in the film festival world, but has yet to be introduced to the educational and family-oriented film circuit. The hard reality is that GHB takes lives. DeJong's passion drives her to expose this elusive recreational drug through a fast-paced, short film to help those parents who don't know of this dangerous drug and the destruction it could bring to their loved ones.

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